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Byadmin Jan 25, 2019

Can my Florida home insurance cover my organic garden?

A garden is a precious addition to your home. No matter if it's just for pure fun or for selling produce at your local market. In fact, a garden

Byadmin Jun 14, 2016

Hands-On Farming Class in Palo Alto Weekly

Reaping the benefits of gardening Local farming enthusiast Pam Scott teaches hands-on class by Melissa Landeros / Palo Alto Weekly Growing u

Byadmin Jun 14, 2016

Grow Your Own Seedlings

There are lots of seedlings for sale in the spring, but growing your own seedlings is exciting and rewarding, and it’s a money-saver! You can c

Byadmin Jun 14, 2016

Cooking Your Food with the Sun

When you cook with the sun, you save money! Your food tastes better! You reduce your carbon footprint! You can make a simple solar cooker with a