Save Water and Have Your Vegetables, Too


Save Water and Have Your Vegetables, Too

Save Water and Have Your Vegetables Too
Saturday, April 26
10:30 – 12:30 $ 31

Drought in California is inevitable, and this year it’s worse than ever. How can we all use our water wisely? Cut down or eliminate our lawns, for sure. Use drip more, yes. Recycle shower water, yes. Plant lots of vegetables and fruits, yes!! According to, growing the average pound of lettuce commercially uses 15 gallons of water, tomatoes 22 gallons, and a pound of potatoes 30 gallons. Years ago, John Jeavons did much research on water use by farmers and home gardeners and reached the conclusion that the home gardener, using organic techniques, saves us all gallons of water. Join Rosalind Creasy, and learn which vegetable crops are best to grow in a drought and which techniques will help you grow your garden using as little water as possible. Rosalind Creasy is a landscape designer, edible plant expert, and consultant for Denver, CO, water department and has gardened her way through three California droughts. She is also a garden writer, photographer and leading authority on edible landscaping.

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