Common Ground provides excellent tools for all of your gardening needs. Following is a sampling.


Camellia Oil

New! A natural light oil extracted from camellia seeds. It is used to preserve and protect blades from rusting. It can be used on knives, garden and woodworking tools, and works best when it is applied after a tool is washed, cleaned, and dried. It will also help preserve wooden handles.

Dramm Spray Nozzle

New! The colorful One Touch Shower & Stream is very easy to use, with complete & total water flow control with just one touch of your thumb. It has two pattern options: Shower, for a cascading flow of fine water droplets that will not harm your plants, and Stream, a concentrated jet, which is powerful enough to wash even the muddiest sidewalk. Available in six eye-catching colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and berry.


Protective Yard and Garden Cover helps protect landscaped areas from frosts and harsh weather. Traps heat and moisture for ideal growing conditions. Great for seeding and repairing lawns.

Rotating Handle Pruners

The ergonomic ARS rotating grip moves with the fingers as each cut is made, eliminating the friction between the handle and the skin. This prevents blisters and reduces hand fatigue.

Bamboo Broom

When I first saw the bamboo broom at Common Ground, I felt like I met my old childhood friend. I used to use this bamboo broom at the elementary and middle school to clean the school yard and around the buildings. (We had a school cleaning time after lunch in Japan.) This broom is lighter than it looks and is very effective. It collects all the leaves, litter, used erasers and pencils very effi ciently without raising much sand and dust. No need to add much force. You just need to sweep the surface of soil, pebbles, rocks, concrete floor, etc. LIGHTLY. I?m sure you?ll be amazed and love this powerless powerful broom! Are you planning to make a compost pile this fall? This is the tool you need. This broom has been used widely at the temples and shrines in Japan for a long time.

-Mari Matsui, Common Ground Center Staff

Hula Hoe

The Hula Hoe is also known as an oscillating, Dutch or stirrup hoe. Organic farming requires a lot of weeding and this hoe is a simple, must-have gardening tool to help you with this task. The blade of the hoe slides about a half inch under the soil. It cuts off or pulls out the weeds, depending on their size, while leaving the soil and roots undisturbed. And because this hoe does not turn the soil, you lose less moisture from your garden. The long handle allows you to easily reach the weeds without bending. I like to use mine when the ground is especially dry and the weeds do not pull out easily by hand.

-Eileen Molloy, Common Ground Center Staff

Bachi Hoe

I want to express my continued delight and satisfaction with the Bachi Hoe, Hoso Hoe and the other Japanese short-handled hoes that Common Ground carries. There is a big difference between using a tool like this day in and day out commercially, and using one in our home gardens. For me, it is unequalled in uses such as weeding, soil cultivation, planting seedlings and starts, creating hills or basins around plantings, and knocking the occasional gopher on the head! I?ve done all of this and more with these wonderful tools. With a good shovel, my Felco shears and the Silky Zubat pruning saw, I can do about 98% of the jobs I need to do in my home garden or in my professional career as an estate gardener. Highly recommended!

-Phillip A. Browne, owner of Attention To Detail Horticultural Services


My favorite tool purchased at Common Ground is a widger. It is truly indispensible when I transplant seedlings from cell packs to larger containers. Then when I move the transplants to the garden, my widger helps me guide the transplant into the prepared hole. My widger helps me separate seedlings without destroying the roots. I also use the widger to divide store-bought 4-inch perennial plants so that I get more plants from vegetable and perennial starters. I learned about the widger at a Common Ground class on winter vegetables. I used to use flatware from my kitchen, but the widger is now my tool of choice.

-Vicki Sullivan, 2010 Edible Garden Tour Host

Silky Zubat Pole Saw

This pole saw is a professional quality saw. The blade is 13-inch hard-chrome plated steel. Precision, razor-sharp teeth provide greater cutting with less effort. Oval-shaped poles allow greater directional control and reduced blade bending. The handle has a comfortable, over-sized rubber grip, shock absorbing end-cap and double-locking mechanism for safety. The saw comes with a hard plastic blade cover. You can get Zubat pole saws in two lengths, 5.5- 9 ft and 7.5 – 12.5 ft. Safely cut tall limbs without climbing a ladder.

-Joe DeMaio, Common Ground Center Staff

Clarington Forge Spades and Forks

Made by English craftsmen in Wigan, England, since 1780, these solid-forged garden spades and forks have heads made from a single piece of forged steel. This is then securely riveted to an ash shaft, the end of which has been steamed to form a D-shaped handle. These tools are exceptionally strong and are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

The VermiHut Worm Bin

Here is a composter that works with worms to transform the organic waste from your kitchen into fertilizer for your garden. Easy to use! The worms do the work. It is odorless since worms eliminate odor in the process of waste digesting or composting. The VermiHut worm composting bin can work indoors or outdoors. Order your red wriggler worms at Common Ground and they will be mailed directly to your home.

Zubat Pruning Saws

The Zubat, one of our most popular hand saws, is also available as a pole saw. It features strong one-piece construction, a curved 13?-long blade with 6.5 teeth per inch. The Zubat cuts fast and leaves a smooth edge. A custom sheath is included. The Zubat pole saw has the same curved blade as the Zubat hand saw. The pole has a comfortable sponge rubber grip. The extension pole has both a lever lock and spring-loaded pins at the end of each length. The aluminum alloy extension poles oval cross section gives precise control to the direction of the saw blade (especially important for high cutting) and strength and rigidity to the pole, reducing bending to the minimum. These saws are very lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Splitwood Baskets

They are back again! These versatile eye-pleasing baskets work great for bulk or loose produce and picking. Choose sturdy picking baskets with wire handles and wood grips or larger bushel baskets with wire handles.

Smart Pots

These fabric planting containers are far better than rigid containers. Light-weight, portable, and practical, they aerate the root zone and air-prune the root structure to prevent root circling. The pots are great for vegetables, ornamentals, and aquatic plants. Choose from 3-gallon to 20-gallon sizes.

Mechanical Water Timer

Back by popular demand, this classic timer is the easiest to use for timing watering with automatic shut-off. Hook it directly to your garden hose. It us durable and has an easy-to-twist dial which times watering from 2 minutes to 2 hours.

Gilmour Dial-a-Mix Hose-end-Sprayer

Now comes in two styles: 20 oz. pistol grip valve and 32 oz. twist valve. It automatically mixes concentrate with water from your hose. No pre-mixing is needed. Unused concentrate can be poured back into its original container.

Bosmere Bos Trugs

A must have! These handy strong and flexible garden trugs allow for ultimate strength. The two handles let you carry small loads in one hand or larger loads in two. Available in green and purple, 26 and 40 liter.

Gatorhyde Hoses

Made in the USA, these hoses are made of premium polyurethane, which is tough, light and flexible. The superior crafted outside surface doesn’t drag or kink. Even in cold, their flexibility provides easy handling and maneuvering. They are drinking-water safe with top-quality nickel-plated fittings.

Dramm Colorstorm Premium Hose, 50 ft

This rubber hose is hot-water-resistant to 160º F. It resists kinking and coils easily even in cold weather. Fittings are crush-proof, nickel-plated and lead-free. It comes in six brilliant colors. Lifetime guarantee. Made in the USA.

ARS Long-reach and Telescoping Pruners

Extend your reach up to 10 feet into the tree or vine and make clean, precise cuts. The hard steel blades are very sharp and durable. All the pole pruners have a convenient revolving handle that allows you to rotate the blade without changing your grip. The heavy-duty seven-foot pruner cuts branches up to 3/4-inch diameter.

“Agribon Reinforced Row Cover”

It keeps the seeds and seedlings moist while away from the garden. It is lightweight and needs no support. Sunset Test Garden Coordinator, Johanna Silver,likes Common Ground’s self-serve roll of Johanna likes it because it protects the seedlings from the birds.

Tip Bag

Perfect for home and garden refuse and recycling. The strong, webbed handles make it easy to lift and empty. The surface is wiped clean, and the semi-rigid construction holds its shape. Weatherproof and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

ARS Telescopic Pruning Shears

Risking your neck to take care of your trees? Come in and choose from a variety of lightweight aluminum, long-arm pruners with sharp and durable blades. The unique revolving handle allows you to rotate the blade without changing your grip. The heavy duty seven foot pruner cuts branches up to 0.75-inch in diameter.

Digger’s Root Guard Gopher Baskets and Rolls

Do gophers like to nibble on your roots? Stop them with an impenetrable wire barrier. Perfect to put in when you double-dig! Protect your roses, tomatoes, bushes and vegetable gardens with galvanized wire baskets available in 3 sizes. Also available in 2′ x 25′ or 4′ x 25′ rolls.

Victorinox Knife

Made by the makers of the original Swiss army knife, this all-purpose knife has a quality stainless steel blade with a nylon handle which holds up to continual gardening use. The nylon handle also provides a slip-resistant grip. It is a popular grafting knife. The blade is 2.25″. The red handle is 3.5″. Weight is 2 ounces.

Precision Secateur

High quality ARS pruning tool is light in weight with powerful and hard wearing blades excellent for pruning even thicker branches. It is ergonomically designed and safe to use with its non-slip grip, easy-to use stopper and the shock absorbing spring.

Saboten Hedge Shear

This is an excellent value, an all-around hedge trimmer, with replaceable blades. The blades are made of high carbon steel, making them tough, strong and easy to clean,and the handles are chromium plated steel with bright orange resin plastic grips, making it easy to find!

English Hand Tools

by Burgon & Ball. These classic, great looking, stainless steel trowels, forks, weeding tools, and scoops have elegant hardwood handles. They are durable, functional tools and are a Common Ground customer favorite.

Hand pruners

Every gardener’s essential pruning tool! The selection includes Felcos and ARS to fit your hand shape and size for your pruning job. Felco 9 & 10′s pruners are our left-handed friends. The smaller light weight ratchet pruner makes cuts with ease.

Light Weight Pole Saws

We offer the very best Silky quality, fixed and variable length with strong aluminum handles. Select models extend up to 12 feet. Each tooth on the 10 inch blade has 4 cutting edges that cut on the pull stroke. The blade is narrower at the top edge to improve ease of cutting. The blade is impulse hardened and chrome-plated for durability.

Nitrile Touch and Tough Gloves

Very popular and recommended by the best gardeners we know. These thin yet strong Nitrile gloves can be used for many household chores where you want sensitivity in your hands and protection from dust and grime. Gloves are perfect gift items for that special love or friend in your life. Nitrile Touch Glove for Kids too!


Natural sun protective hats are a hit all year long. Select from natural fiber ranch hats, gardener’s and ladies hats. Choose one with a chin strap or not! Want to travel with your hat? Choose a “crushable” hat that returns to the original form when unpacked.

Compost Thermometer

20-inch probe. The welded, stainless steel design allows this thermometer to be left in the compost pile for easy reading any time. It will withstand the chemical and biological weathering of the compost. The 1.8″ diameter dial is hermetically sealed with a clear polycarbonate lens. It will measure temperatures ranging from 0-200 degrees F, or 0-100 degrees C. Full composting instructions included.

Seedling Heat Mat

Jump Start your Seeds! The mat is a 20″ x 20″, which fits under 2 common seed flats. It warms Rooting Area 10-20 degrees F over Ambient Temperature. It is a waterproof construction, complete with instructions printed on the mat. UL Listed 45 watts, 120 volt.

Soil Thermometers

Use as you germinate and propagate seeds! It is a 7″ Stainless Steel Probe. Pocket clip included. Has a 1¾” Dial for Easy Reading, with shatterproof plastic crystal lens. Displays temperatures between 0 and 220 degrees.

Heirloom Trowel & Transplant Trowel

Never lose your garden tools again with these bright yellow epoxy colored tools! A rugged, one-piece, stamped steel essential tool. Strong, light, durable, and contoured to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand. Very popular! Get one of your very own and see why!

Children’s Wheelbarrow!

Little hands can move the earth with this thick and rugged design. The deep tray can hold a remarkable amount of material, giving kids the pride of accomplishment in lending a helping hand in the garden.

Children’s Shovel

Incredibly lightweight at only one pound; this is the ideal first tool for children who are learning how to garden. The steel head is secured to a sanded hardwood handle. A perfect addition for school and family gardens alike.

English Spear & Jackson D-Handled Digging Fork

Common Ground Demonstration Garden Manager, Drew Harwell, enjoys using the time-tested traditional English Spear & Jackson D-Handled Digging Fork boasts quality and solid construction. Drew invests in tools with longevity and feels secure with the 10 year guarantee.

Japanese Serrated Hand Sickle

This versatile sickle is “fabulously precise and very sharp”. It slices efficiently through a bed of compost crops including fava beans and thin-stemmed grains. For weeding, the 7-inch curved high-carbon steel blade easily slices off deep-rooted plants such as dandelions 4 inches below the soil. This tool is extremely well built and long-lasting. The wood handle is light weight and comfortible in your hand. A Best Seller!

Plant Markers

Solid zinc nameplates with a treated surface on which your writing will last for years. Angled for easy reading. Select from 10″ or 15″ tall.

Season Starter

Protects plants when overnight temperatures drop below freezing (down to 24 degrees Fahrenheit.) Ideal for tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, melons and other vining plants. Fill the clear plastic tubes with water to form an 18″ high by 17″ diameter teepee-shaped miniature greenhouse around each plant. This product is a best seller.

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