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We carry as many open-pollinated seeds as possible. There are a few of your favorite tomato and corn varieties (Labeled F1 on jars and packets). Open-pollinated seeds produce plants for which pollination happens by wind, insects, or other natural means. The diversity of genetic material maintains the overall vigor of a particular plant variety. F1 hybrid seeds are the first generation of plants resulting from a controlled cross between parents that are genetically different. They are sometimes more productive and vigorous and can be more uniform than open pollinates. Select from a bountiful diverse selection of seed packets including Seed Savers Exchange, Renee’s Garden, Nichols Garden Seeds, Irish Eyes Seed Potatoes (seasonal), Larner’s Seeds, and Pacific Coast Seeds. Stop by the center to see the newest collection. We carry as many organic seeds as possible. Cover crop seeds are self-serve, honor system, where you label and price your own packets. A cost saving.

Bulk Cover Crops (Compost Crops, Green Manure)

Name Description
Deep-rooted perennial for long-term use. Plant fall or spring. Fixes Nitrogen. Takes drought.

Coverage: 1 T=0.5 oz. per 100 s.f.

Annual Rye Grass Plant any time, especially early winter. Protects and loosens soil. Doesn’t fix nitrogen. Reseeds.Coverage: 2.33 Tbsp per 100 s.f.
Buckwheat Great summer compost crop. Very fast growing. Doesn’t fix nitrogen. Full sun.Coverage: 6.5 T= 3oz. Per 100 s.f.
Cereal Rye Grass Annual, to 7′. Nearly best crop for improving soil structure. Plant in Fall.Coverage: 5.25 Tbsp per 100 s.f.
Crimson Clover Annual, usually planted in fall. 6-30″. Brilliant red flowers. Part shade ok. Fixes nitrogen.Coverage: 2 T = 1 oz per 100 s.f.
Fava Bean * Edible crop; compost crop * 2-4′ annual bean. Fall. Frost resistant.Coverage: 2-3 c. per 100 s.f.
Mustard Yellow-flowered plant opens heavy soil, attracts beneficial insects. Plant in fall or spring.Coverage: 3 T = 1.5 oz per 100 s.f.
Red Oats 2-4′ annual. Tolerates poor soil. Needs some irrigation. Doesn’t fix nitrogen. Spring or Fall.Coverage: 8 T = 3oz per 100 s.f.
Strawberry Clover Perennial. Fixes nitrogen. Good for erosion control. Needs some irrigation. Plant fall or spring.Coverage: 2 T = 1 oz. per 100 s.f.
Vetch – Purple Short, viney, purple-flowered plant fixes nitrogen. Often planted with fava beans.Coverage: 3/4 c = 7 oz per 100 s.f.
Vetch – Wooly Hardy annual, outgrows weeds, tolerates poor soil and cold. Fall.Coverage: 3/4 c = 7 oz per 100 s.f.
White Clover Perennial. Fixes nitrogen. Good lawn. Good for bees, beneficials.Coverage: 2 T = 1 oz. per 100 s.f.

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