Santa Salts


Santa Salts

boony-doon-essential-oilsAre you looking for a quick and easy DIY gift for the neighbor whose name you can’t remember but she just handed you a delicious loaf of banana bread and you’ve already eaten half of it and you feel like you have to get her something? Or maybe you simply need another stocking stuffer. Or you’re having a “Homemade” Christmas. Well, consider this:

Take a cup of the Epsom Salts you were going to sprinkle around your roses, a cup of sea salt, 5-10 drops of essential oil, a splash of food coloring (if you so desire,)  mix them all together, scoop into a jar, and voila! Hand-Crafted Bath Salts.

We’ve got the secret ingredient, essential oils, for sale at Common Ground. We carry Bonny Doon Farm Lavender, Verbena and Rosemary oils.  They each smell incredible. And a few drops go a very long way. With some Bonny Doon Farm essential oils in your bag of tricks you’ll never have to face another awkward moment with your neighbor — whatever her name is.

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